General Demographics

Venice Beach is an extraordinary community. Known to many for its Muscle Beach, roller bladders cruising the boardwalk, canals reminiscent of Venice in Italy, artists, poets and the homeless. This eclectic neighborhood sitting between Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey is changing. Home values went from a median of $444, 000 (2000 Census) to a staggering $1,058,000 in today’s market. Recently the 99 Cent Store was converted into a Whole Foods, which is emblematic of transition and gentrification. The 99 Cent Store used to allow RV’s, and mobile homes park in their lot, today the lot was filled with Mercedes and Lexus’. With a population of 33,000, median age being 36 years old, and almost 65% Democratic it has held on to its liberal and youthful feel. 75% of the residents who live in Venice Beach are White, 22% are Latino, 6% Black, 4% Asian, .85% American Indian, .16% Pacific Islander, and 5% multi- racial. The city has first rate social services, numerous faith based organizations, and a strong community organization. There is a sense that this city may lose some of it’s charm due to an increasing number of multimedia wonks moving into Venice, capable of paying increasingly high prices for their homes and leaving many without affordable housing.

submitted by: Jane Kim and Stan Wipfli

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